Stop the grammatical sentence auto correction.

I'm not getting the exact content which i written on the writing area.


If i wrote "Dolo 650mg" and then when i continue further as "Tab" then the previous letter which i wrote  "Dolo 650mg" was turned into "Dolo broong",Because of this issue we would like to turn off the grammatical auto correction,To get the exact result."Tab" is properly recognized but "Dolo 650mg" is  turned into  "Dolo broong".

Let us know how to switch off the grammatical auto correction only?

Dear Kannan,

without knowing your exact implementation, it is difficult to provide with an accurate asnwer.

How do you separate the fields of your form? Do you create a view and an editor per field? Are these properly set?...?

Our recommendations are the following ones:

-In the initEditor function, set the margins to 0:

double horizontalMarginMM = 0;
double verticalMarginMM = 0;

-If this doesn't work, try to properly separate the fields of your form, and create one editor per field. This way, each editor will be independant, and such use-case will not occur. We have the "exercise-assessment" Android sample (we do not have an iOS one) that shows how to deal with several editors. This will help understand how you can switch from one editor to the other, in order to prevent from the use-case you are facing.

Best regards,



That separate filed was create by me. But that will not affect the editor engine's function.

That separate view also not inside the displayviewcontroller view.

So there is no chance to affect the editor engine's functionality.

I have also set the margin's to 0 by following code,

 IINKConfiguration *conf = self.engine.configuration;

    double horizontalMarginMM = 0;

    double verticalMarginMM = 0;

That code does not work.

And also i need an only one editor engine for all fields.

I don't want separate editor engines for separate fields.

I'm using the "TEXT" format so i need an single editor engine.

Dear Kannan,

after viewing again the video, I think I understood where the behavior comes from. The ink of "TAB" appears to be slightly below the "Dolo 650 mg". This changes the "reference guideline" (the latter is computed internally), and as the result has not been "frozen", the previous result is updated.

To prevent from this, you can proceed as follows:

-After "Dolo 650mg" has been written, you call the editor.convert function. This way, the previous recognized result will not change.

-Or, you can add lines on your canvas (these do not need to be acitvated), which may indicate the user he shall follows these (if he does not, the result will still be the same...)

-Or, you use several editors, as done in our "exercise-assessment" sample. This is the solution I would recommend.

Best regards,



I think that "TAB" word was written straight to "Dolo 650mg" .

I have tried it mutiple time but getting the same result as shown in the video.

1) I have tried your first solution.But i want to know the my trying way was correctly?

My code was following there,


                    try editorViewController.editor.convert(editorViewController.editor.rootBlock, targetState: .handwriting)





But that one was not worked.

2) I think i'm not written the "TAB" word was slightly.So we don't need to add line in my canvas.Because that was not problem

3) I need to implement in the "TEXT" part.Not in "TEXT DOCUMENT" part.Because multiple editor engine only available in the "TEXT DOCUMENT" part.

Dear Kannan,

I am insisiting, the best way to prevent this from occurring is to use multiple editors.

For this purpose, our "exercise-assessment" is providing an example. It only uses Text and Math parts (not Text Document): https://github.com/MyScript/interactive-ink-additional-examples-android/tree/master/java/samples/exercise-assessment

Please refer to the latter to implement multiple editors with Text parts in your application. Any other solution based on single editor is likely to behave as you have already seen previously.

Best regards,



At now i can't able to run that project( https://github.com/MyScript/interactive-ink-additional-examples-android/tree/master/java/samples/exercise-assessment) via "Android Studio" IDE .

Is there is any way to run that project successfully or can you copy past  the exact code to implement the multiple editor engine to handle?

Dear Kannan,

You shall just proceed as follows:

-go to the https://github.com/MyScript/interactive-ink-additional-examples-android

-Git clone, or Download the ZIP file.

-Replace the certificate with your own one.

-Open the whole project under Android Studio

-Select the "exercice-assessment-sample"

-You can then run it.

=> This sample will how how you can deal with several editors.

Best regards,



I can't able to open the source code.

Please refer the following screenshot,


There is no app folder to open that one?


As per we discussed you said use multiple editor engine to resolve that.

That means each column have the each editor engine.

As per you said, if I have a 5 columns  so i must have a 5 editor engines? (I have shared my video to you already, if you have doubt on this please refer that video again)

Can you please confirm this one?

Dear Kannan,

Currently, in your code, I do not see anything wrong.

In the storyboard of your project, did you create 2 distinct UIViews, each one triggering its own Editor View Controller (editorViewController and editorViewController1) ?

Best regards,