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Can I use multi-color in the math part, I want the math color take the color of the pencil when the color change the old character should take the old color and the newer one take the new color. I also want to import colors from Latex like "{\color{red}x^2}{\color{blue} x^2-1}".

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Dear Youcef,

Thank you for contacting us.

Currently, the color of the strokes can be set using the theme. This can be done as follows: editorView.getEditor().setTheme("stroke.math { color: #00FF00; } ");

Nevertheless, it is fairly limited, and will change the color of all the strokes (i.e. you cannot have one symbol of one color and another one with other color).

Also, colors cannot be imported from Latex. At present, we do not plan to have such feature.

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