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Do you provide a recognized API interface?

If you call myscript's API, determine the interface

Dear Color Fang,

Thank you for your question.

Could you, please, give us some details about what you mean by a "recognized API" interface?

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sorry,Wrong question

How to call the API identification interface?


Thank you for the update. 

I am sorry I still can't get which api you mean. Could you, please, give us some more details on what you want to achieve?

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How I to do !

Call your interface to recognition


The interface to recognition depends on the platform you want to use to run the recognition:

  • Either on device, in this case, you should follow the corresponding OS documentation. For instance for Android we recommand you following the documentation from this page The get started page will explain you how to run the example and give step by step procedure to build your first iink application.
  • or from the Web API, in which case the recognition is run on the cloud. You should go through the documentation from this page .

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