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Hello Olivier,

I got the same issue as John Breith ( and I followed your instructions: 

I went on,

went to the Application tab,

clicked "Create application" button,

opened my app,

clicked "Generate app key",

replaced host, App key and HMAC key.

But I got the same blue cloud mark as before.

I'd appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance


Dear Niklas,

Thank you for contacting us.

In order to better help you, could you please indicate which API are you using in your application ?

If you have enabled the HMAC, one of the reason why you are getting the cloud might be due to an error in the HMAC computation as the HMAC key requires the use of a function to obtain the hidden HMAC value to be sent. You can refer to the following page for further information:

You might refer to this post for further information

Best regards,


Hi Gwenaelle,

thank you for your quick reply.

Before I followed the instructions mentioned above I simply copied this code. So It's V4.

I did enable the HMAC. I just copied your function "computeHMAC" into my code and the blue cloud mark disappeared, but I still can't write in the editor.

I don't want to go into production, yet.

Shall I just disabled the HMAC as long as I don't go into production? What about the man-in-the-middle key theft? Is this also an issue when not going into production? I still feel pretty much newbie, so I'd appreciate your patience.

Best regards,


Hi Niklas,

If you are starting a project, we recommend you to use iinkJS rather than MyScript JS as it is is our latest javascript library. Please refer to

In order to secure your application, please refer to

You can refer to following post for details on how to set up filters:

Best regards,


Hi Gwenaelle,

I switched to iinkJS and everything is working now. Thank you.

Thank you for the last two links, too :)

Best wishes,


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