iink SDK on Device

When handwritten [1,2) output the result incorrectly

when handwriting [1,2)

the correct output result should be [1,2)

but the handwritten results are [ 1,2\right)


I tested it on the web page and it came out right.

The website is Test demo


Thank you for contacting us.

Could you please give following information:

Which part type are you using?

How do you retrieve and display the recognition result?



 This is part type

                if (viewsHolder.contentPart == null) {
                    viewsHolder.contentPart = viewsHolder.contentPackage.createPart("Math");

This is function to retrieve


 editor.export_(null, receiver, MimeType.LATEX, imageDrawer);

 This is configuration


            conf.setStringArray("configuration-manager.search-path", new String[]{confDir});
            conf.setBoolean("convert.convert-on-double-tap", false);//关闭双击转换
            conf.setBoolean("gesture.enable", true);//开启手势
            conf.setBoolean("export.jiix.strokes", false);
            conf.setBoolean("export.jiix.bounding-box", false);
            conf.setBoolean("export.jiix.glyphs", false);
            conf.setBoolean("export.jiix.primitives", false);
            conf.setBoolean("export.jiix.chars", false);
            conf.setBoolean("math.solver.enable", false);//关闭计算
            String tempDir = context.getFilesDir().getPath() + File.separator + "tmp";
            conf.setString("content-package.temp-folder", tempDir);


Thnak you for your update.

 Please, could you indicate which iink version you are using?


V1.3.1 Android


Thank you for your reply.

I have been able to get same LaTeX output with iink 1.3 Android GetStarted example as you get :  [ 1,2\right) 

But with iink 1.4 version , the output meets your expectations:  [ 1,2)

So please, upgrade to iink 1.4.

Best regards,


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