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I am considering using iink sdk for android app and have a few questions:

1) does iink sdk only require the license for text recognition (drawing to text) and does not require the license for simple drawing features (without recognition)? can you please say which specific functions do require the license and which ones do not? if the license is required for everything, do you have a separate solution for those who does not need recognition features and only need to be able to draw/write on a screen with a stylus using different colors and line thickness?

2) what specifically happens when a user opens up an app using iink sdk after 30 days are over? like an android activity starts, shows a screen with drawing area and what happens next, the user is getting a popup or the user is simply unable to draw a line - what?


Dear Di8,

Thank you for contacting us and your questions.

To answer these:

1-Currently, the license is needed to create the engine ; without a valid license, the engine will not be created.

Then, as the engine is necessary to create the editor (https://developer.myscript.com/docs/interactive-ink/1.4/android/fundamentals/editing/), you understand that without a valid certificate, you will not be able to run our iink SDK.

From a technical point of view, we do not have any solution to have only the drawing without conversion. If it is a matter of pricing, you can contact our sales team at the following link:

2-After 30 days, an exception will be raised, and the iink Engine will not be created (a null engine is returned).

Best regards,


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Thanks for the details Olivier!

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