How to export into a text file

Hello. I am new to MyScript and also a little new to REACT JS.
I have been using iink.js and wanted to somehow export/save what ever I had written inside the editor, to a text file. 

I have been following the guides and have configurated my editor, I think, to serve the purpose mentioned above. However, my main issue is, I do not know how to build a function that will let me export everything into a text file. Can anyone please guide me as to how can I make a function that can be used to export the handwritten part into a text?

Below is my configuration. 


 useEffect(() => {

          const fetchItems = async function() {

              var contents = location.state




          let editor = editorRef.current;


          editor.addEventListener('exported', (evt=> {

            const exports = evt.detail.exports

            if (evt.detail) {


            } else {





              editor = iink.register(editorRef.current, {

                triggers: {

                  exportContent: 'DEMAND'


                recognitionParams: {

                    type: 'TEXT',

                    protocol: 'WEBSOCKET',

                    apiVersion: 'V4',

                    server: {

                    scheme: 'https',

                    host: 'webdemoapi.myscript.com',

                    applicationKey: '1463c06b-251c-47b8-ad0b-ba05b9a3bd01',

                    hmacKey: '60ca101a-5e6d-4159-abc5-2efcbecce059',

                    websocket: {

                      pingEnabled: false,

                      autoReconnect: true



                    iink: {

                      export: {

                        jiix: {

                          strokes: true


                        text: {

                          chars : true






            window.addEventListener('resize', () => { 



            return () => {

            window.removeEventListener('resize', () => { editor.resize() });



            }, [])

Dear Azhan,

Thank you for contacting us.

Currently, you can refer to the "On_demand exports" sample we provide:

-You can play with it: https://myscript.github.io/iinkJS/examples/non-version-specific/on_demand_exports.html

-And get the source code: https://github.com/MyScript/iinkJS/blob/master/examples/non-version-specific/on_demand_exports.html

In particular, the export is done when calling "editorElement.editor.export_();":



You shall then integrate such way to proceed in your REACT project.

Best regards,


Olivier @MyScript

Thank you for your answer. I would look into it.

I had another issue I wanted to ask. My main purpose is for users to write into the editor through a pen/mouse/pointer and have an image taken of it which would be sent into a database.

How can I make the editor's configuration as such that it would send the image of the hand written text?

Dear Azhan,

thank you for the update.

Currently, in order to save an image of the iink, you can export as an image (in PNG or JPEG), and save the image:



Best regards,


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