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I am completely new to MyScript development and a novice developer and need some advice please.

I am a novice developer developing a web based application that would benefit from allowing the user to enter hand written notes, transform them into text and then save the notes to the database. I believe the web version is the best option for what I want to achieve.

I am using the Eclipse 2021-06 IDE and my development is in HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap 5, Ajax and Java. Is it possible to integrate the MyScript development into my existing application and development area? If it is then can someone please provide a link to how to do this?

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Dear Glyndwr Bartlett,

thank you for contacting us and your questions.

Currently, in order to use our iink web solution, you can start referring our getting started:

You can also read our online documentation, that explains how to use our technology.

In particular, for ease of use, we recommend you use our iinkJS library. You can refer to the documentation:

As you can see, we have 2 APIs, a classic REST API, and a webSocket API. The advantage of the webScoket API is that it allows to get the best of the MyScript interactive ink.

In order to start your development, we invite you to refer to our iinkJS samples (that comes with code) you will find on github:

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Thank you Olivier.

I am trying to get the Text with iink SDK Web (with Smart Guide) working. I have copied the code found the css and iink.min.js and included those. I split the code into a html file and a js file. In the js file I have two errors "invalid arrow arrow function parameters" and ''Semi-colon expected". Are you able to help with this please?


	editorElement.addEventListener('loaded', async (evt) => { //invalid arrow arrow function parameters
	     * Retrieve the list of available recognition languages
	     * @param {Object} The editor recognition parameters
		const currentLanguage =; //Semi-colon expected
		const res = await iink.getAvailableLanguageList(;

		if (languageElement.options.length === 0) {
			Object.keys(res.result).forEach((key) => {
				const selected = currentLanguage === key;
				languageElement.options[languageElement.options.length] = new Option(res.result[key], key, selected, selected);



Thank you for your update.

When do you get this error? There does seem to be an error at first glance.

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The error is displayed in my Eclipse IDE editor. However, I found, by chance, that it does actually work! So I need to find out what the issue is with the editor that it is showing errors when there are not any.

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