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has anyone here developed equivalent to mystylus, or a handwriting input panel?

I know this isn't the correct space for my question, but I'm hoping someone can help.

Windows 10 handwriting input panel is essentially non functional for someone who uses it as a true Tablet PC.  In comparison Windows 7 is great, and remains the only way I can use a computer (I'm not physically able to type, only write).

Myscript stylus works fairly well despite being so old. Certainly better than windows 10.  However, it is no longer supported and I cannot activate it post the 30 day demo. 

Has anyone here developed similar technology? 

Or know how I can buy a license?  Amazon sells the software, but with no license.  And no luck with Visionobjects either.

I'd be super grateful for any advise.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Courtney!

Thank you for your question.

MyScript Stylus is indeed a retired application that has reached its end of life end of support.

It is thus no longer available.

Best regards,