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css leaks

Hi, I have a problem with `.ellipsis` styles conflicting with an other library.

What would be a proper way to deal with css classes with generic names in ms-editor?

Hi Kuba,

Thank you for your question.

The `.ellipsis` used to be generic indeed, but normally with the latest iinkJS library, the style has been restricted to ms-editor.

If it is not the case, and if you a problem with `.ellipsis` styles conflicting with an other library, you should implement a selector that overrides the style.
For further information, you might refer to:


Best regards,


Thanks for answer Gwenaëlle,

I installed iink-js and it is at version `7.11.1`.

After creating the editor `iink.register(editorElement, configuration)` a style tag is injected with:


There's no `.ms-editor .ellipsis` only plain `.ellipsis`.

It could be due to my limited experience with web dev but I think using techniques linked by you is not so straight forward because the other I don't create .ellipsis class elements with the other library nor is their css exposed better than yours. So currently I target your style tag and replace inner text content to prepend `.ms-editor` to `.ellipsis`. I also tried to create the editor in a shadow dom but it complained about other things.



Hi Kuba,

Thank you for your update and suggestion.

We have added this improvement to our backlog, but cannot commit on when it will be available.

Best regards,


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