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How to get applicationKey and hmacKey?

I have registered to use MyScript and have received my MyCertificate.cs however the editor needs an applicationKey and hmacKey. Where do I get those from please? Also, I can not find how to reference the MyCertificate.cs file. I am using the Eclipse IDE version 2021-06 (4.20.0). I am not a very experience programmer.

This is my editor:


iink.register(editorElement, {
    recognitionParams: {
      type: 'TEXT',
      protocol: 'WEBSOCKET',
      server: {
        scheme: 'https',
        host: '',
        applicationKey: 'xxx',
        hmacKey: 'yyy'
      iink: {
        export: {
          jiix: {
            strokes: true

I suspect that I need to change the host: '', as well.

The example I downloaded works with my limited testing so far. I just need to ensure this is correct and then build on it to get the application I want. I will as my other questions in another post once this is fixed (step by step approach).

Kind regards,


Hi Glyn,

The certificate MyCertificate.cs that you have requested is for on-device recognition.
The application keys are for using the Web APIs, which is your case.

You can request them from the Get Started Web page

and for more details, please read

Please note that those keys are personnal and you should not disclose them to anyone.

Once you get them, you should indeed replace the demo keys by your personal key.

The host: '' is reserved for demonstration and testing: it is appropriate when you develop your application. Then, once your application is developped and fully tested and ready to go to productio, you should update the host by the production one.

For further details please refer to

Best regards,


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Thank you Gwenaëlle.

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