Strokes appear outside writing area - Myscript 2.0

Dear MyScript support team,

I'm using Myscript version 2.0 in my app. I found that when we draw texts from inside to outside of singlechar's area, text shows up the outside part. This also occurs in Myscript's demo v2.0. In previous versions, this error doesn't occur.

Can you fix that bug?

Best regards

Dear Cate,
Thank for your support,
This line saves my life :D


Dear Sir,
Thanks for your bug report.
We have reproduced the issue in the Single char sample, we hope to fix it in the next version, rest assured we will communicate as soon as it will be available.
Another way to fix the problem would be by adding this line after the single Char view initialization:
self.singleCharWidget.clipsToBounds = YES;

Best regards

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