Excess PageInterpreter configuration exception


 I am using MyScript_ATK-ios-1.3.0 for MultiLineTextWidget. As per the requirement we have an interviewer taking feedback for some 30 questions. So we are using a page controller, where each controller with a MLTWMultiLineView instance, configuring in viewDidLoad() method. The  MLTWMultiLineViewDelegate methods are getting called for the first 8 instances and throwing error “Too many PageInterpreter are configured at once. The maximum is 8" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Too many PageInterpreter are configured at once. The maximum is 8” for the next instance.

Is there a way to unconfigure in deinit. Can u please provide us a way to handle this.

Dear Sunanda,

indeed, we do not recommend you create one instance per field but rather only one instance for the whole form.
-When going to a new field, you should create a new context.
-When switching to another field, save (serialize) the widget.
-When swithching to a field that was previously filled-in, load (unserialize) the context.

For information, the save/load functions (this can be found the in API documentation):

Serializes the widget content into a NSData;
@property (NS_NONATOMIC_IOSONLY, readonly, copy) NSData *save
Return Value

A NSData representing the widget content model.
Declared In


Deserializes the given byte array into the widget content. This will trigger a multiLineView:didChangeText: event. A clear will be triggered before the loading if the model is not nil.
- (void)load:(NSData *)model


  A NSData representing the widget content model.

Declared In

Also, it there a reason you are using the Multi Line text widget? Indeed, as it is rather old, we rather recommend you use the Single Line Text widget instead if possible.

Best regards,


Hi Olivier,

We changed to using single instance throughout the app which is fine. Attaching the screenshot of our requirement.


As per our requirement the interviewer takes notes of interviewee answer and proceed to next question and so on and interviewees can be any number, where I guess it is not possible with SingleLineWidget. Can we expect any release for new version of Multi Line text widget.


Dear Sunanda,

Currently, at present we do not plan any update of the Multi Line text widget.

Indeed, the Single Line Text Widget is working with scrolling, which is different from your use-case.

Best regards,


Thankyou Olivier.

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