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Reading a several handwritten numbers from a pic

Hi there:

I would like to know whether this use case is posible with your technology.

We are a social company creating Android productivity apps for microretailers in the base of the pyramid. Most of them write the total amount of every sale ticket in a notebook and add them late at night with a calculator to figure out their daily aggregated sales. Would it be posible to take a pic (or several pics) of such a notebook and add those dozens of figures automatically with your technology?

Any help appreciated.



Dear Guillermo,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, the MyScript technology is not able to convert data from images but only from digital ink (i.e. x and y coordinates), that can be gotten from devices such as touchscreens, digital pens, tablets...

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Are you using any standard format for those digital ink files? I mean... would the use case be feasible if we preprocess the picture and change it to the proper format?

Dear Guillermo,

Some developers tried this approach and the following posts may help you, please aware that it requires a big amount of work:

Hope it helps!

Best regards

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