Interactive Ink not working


I've replaced the with the one emailed to me into GetStarted/src/main/java/com/myscript/certificate.  I then did a full re-build of the Demo project and deployed on my VM.  It still has the error message that I need to replace the .java file.

I spent about 20 minutes on this, re-downloading/re-imaging the VM and sending new files...nothing is doing the  trick.

Any ideas?

Dear Dave,

currenly, in your build.gradle file, you should ensure the "applicationId" matches with the application Identifier in your ATK dashboard.

Your ATK dashboard can be accessed at the right corner when connected to the developer portal:


Best regards,


Dear Dave,

Please also replace the default certificate in the 'Demo' folder:


You should then be able to run the IINK 'Demo' example.

Best regards

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