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iOS Iink - Issue resizing Nodes

 Hey Guys.

I have an issue when working on Nodes and Edges inside a Diagram block.

I basically have blocks inside a Text Document inside a Scroll View. To prevent issues when editing the size of any of the blocks I'm disabling the area occupied by this block.

I noticed, using " - (void)selectionChanged:(nonnull IINKEditor *)editor blockIds:(nonnull NSArray<NSString *> *)blockIds ", whenever I select a block, this function is called on the delegate with a blockId. Whenever I deselect the block, this function is called again, with an empty array. So I'm basically using the state of the array to determine if (and which) any blocks are selected.

My problem is with the Diagram blocks then. Using the same function, when I select a Node or an Edge, this function is called with the respective block id, but when I then resize this node or edge, this function is called again with an empty array (Regardless the node or the edge is still selected). And afterwards this function isn't being called upon deselecting the node or the edge.


Is this a bug? Or is there any other way of recognizing when a block is selected and when it's deselected?


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Dear Just,

we tested on our side using the 1.2.2 release of the iink SDK (the latest available on github), and could not reproduce. It appears to work fine on our side.

Based on this and your other issue exporting as PNG makes us think you are using an older version of the iink. Which version are you using? Can you please try to upgrade to the latest 1.2.2 available on github: ?

Let us know if this helps solving these issues.

Best regards,


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